Thursday, 21 February 2013

Little Forest Quilt for Ma and Pa

I received the loveliest email everrrrrrr the other day from my Mama.  This is what it said:
I spotted your beautiful quilt in your campervan when we visited you. It reminded me how much we appreciate the beautiful one you made for us to mark our 25th wedding anniversary, with so much love and thoughtfulness.  Here's a photo of our quilt ready to do what it does best every night - keeping us toasty warm!

The 25th of May 2010 marked my parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary.  I thought this was such an important and beautiful landmark (being married to the person you love for a quarter of a century – wowee!) that I decided to pull out all the stops and do something that would surprise both them and myself.  I wanted to create something really wonderful that they could treasure.  This was the era just before I started this blog, when Toby and I were living with his wonderful (and enormously patient!) parents whilst we built our van.  By day, I was builder girl, but by night I had very little to do in deepest darkest Essex.  This was when the DIY spirit took a hold of me, and my slippery decline into craft addiction began.  I’d learnt to knit and crochet and was producing all manner of wobbly hats that friends were graciously accepting from me.  (This was also the time that the blueprint of the Hoop-la Scarf came into existence!).  Unusually for a 22 year old girl, I was hooked on arts and crafts blogs, particularly The Purl Bee.  I loved the beautiful designs they came up with and the gorgeous fabrics and yarns they used.  Best of all, they posted free tutorials to all their craft projects. 

Their Little Forest Quilt caught my eye, so I undertook the challenge of up-scaling the design so that it would comprise 25 little trees (one to mark each year of their marriage: 24 green trees, and the 25th in silver to mark the Silver Wedding Anniversary) and fit a double bed.  After a couple of months of calculating, choosing fabrics, cutting and stitching, the 25th Wedding Anniversary Forest Quilt was made.  It was so nice to stitch all my thoughts and love into the quilt for my parents as I made it, and best of all to see their face as they opened it – I don’t think they knew I could do this sort of thing!  Nor did I until I did it :)

Coming up on Je Suis Une Monstre: My new collection of handspun cowls will soon be released!  Plus I’ll have a couple of tutorials and giveaways to share with you.  Stay tuned! XXX


  1. Every stitch full of thought - amazing! I love this.

    And how wonderful that by creating something to commemorate something that has already been created, you start a new journey of creative adventure. Branching from one to another, in more ways than one.


  2. it's gorgeous, love the addition of a silver tree! Heather x


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